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you are trained in deep-sea rescue and retrieval. Which makes you worth a lot to me. Now, if you don’t help me to get what I came for game game I will have to go game game after your family game game and kill them, one by one. And I will start with your son first. Henry, please, it’s your final chance. I take it by your silence game game that you’ve made the wrong decision. All right, it’s time to hunt. Let’s go. [IN FRENCH] [IN FRENCH] SAUL [OVER RADIO]: me. You! [BOTH GRUNTING] I thought you wanted the ranger dead. I did. [JEAN CHUCKLES] What changed? My mind. [GASPS] Aah! ! Help! [BOTH GRUNTING] [IN ENGLISH] Come on. Pass the out. Come on. Unh! Pass out. Pass the out. [GASPING] Hey. Hey. Come on. Wake up. You can’t die yet. I won’t get to kill you. Yeah, that’d be a shame. [CLAY CHUCKLES] Look what your friend dropped. Look, man, I got a lot of questions to ask. Well, I’ve got answers. Maybe even some you don’t want. But I’ll always tell you the truth. Let’s get out of here. I located a canoe in case you don’t feel like swimming. I’ll do you one better. [SCREAMING] . Aah! Agh. No, no, no! You– You’re so ed. By my count, that’s three of you down so far. off. [GRUNTING] Okay, let’s go. No, no. We gotta see what’s what. How many of you are left? Eat a dick. [CLAY CHUCKLES] [GROANS] You know, when I was in the yard, when we wanted somebody to talk game game we’d carve one of their eyes out. Though I notice you’ve got two of them. You wouldn’t. Heh. You’ve got seconds. FRANCOIS: You gotta stop him. Oh, yeah, he’s really gonna listen to me. One game Okay. Okay, okay. Xander. Okay, his name is Xander. He wants you to make a dive. For the drugs. Told you it was drugs. Don’t brag. You assholes, you killed our diver. Xander knew, he knew you were trained. So when you killed Eto, we needed you to make the dive. How did he know that I could dive? He knows things. The drugs are in the lake? It’s a shipment of heroin. It went down in one of the lakes. How many of you are left? Just Xander. Just one guy?