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Super Hero Child Come on, don’t worry about it. What was that? Who put that there? Is that even ours? Sure it is. What about the window? The wind must have slammed the door and broken the glass. Is that even possible? Of course it is. Go on inside. Yeah? What did you say? All right. I’ll be right there. Jesus Christ! They’ve stolen grand’s worth of materials! It can’t have been locked off. It was. I was the last to leave. I locked off my cabin. It was still locked when I got here. How the hell could this happen? I guess your guys can’t figure out how to lock up a container. I locked up the container yesterday and hung the key in your locker No sign of a breakin. The insurance won’t cover it. That’s not really my problem. The problem is that Persson seems to have you in his pocket. A fortune in materials was stolen, and it’s your responsibility. My problem is that you’re falling behind schedule and the subcontractors are all up in my face. So get your act together! I’m giving you one week. After that, it’s day fines. A hundred grand every single day. It’s in your contract. Got it? They cleaned out the container. I need everything. Cables, circuit breakers, water pumps, fittings. I’ll put in the same order again. Great. Lars, do you have a minute? How’s retirement treating Willy? I think he’s okay. Listen, Lars Game Times are tough. We’re all feeling the crisis. I can’t keep giving you discounts. What do you mean? I’m really sorry, but I have to charge you list price from now on. You can’t do that to me. Without the discount I won’t make a profit. I’m sorry, Lars. I truly am. Did Storgaard and Persson put you up to this? Then why? I’ve got customers calling refusing to buy from me if I keep giving you discounts. I don’t know what’s going on. You can’t back out on our deal! What else can I do? If they take their business elsewhere I’ll lose % of my revenue. What the hell is going on? Huh? I haven’t got a choice. We all have a choice. Only some people make the wrong ones. We usually get % on orders this size and you’re offering us ? That doesn’t make any sense.