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Move! Just sit tight. MAN: String his ass up! [CROWD QUIETS] We a find ourse ves on new ground. I dedicat my ife to seeking the truth. But under Jeanine, it pass me by. And for that, I humb y apo ogize. [A CHEERING] JACK: But my persona fai ure has on y strengthen my reso ve to make things right. Whi e the faction of Candor may no onger exist, I want everyone to know that I wi not stop eading the pursuit of honesty as we rebui d our city. A : Yeah! et the tria s begin! Justice wi be done! A : Yeah! Yeah. [MAX GROANS] May the truth set you free. [GROANS] Now there is no doubt, Max, that you he p Jeanine take over Chicago and exert bruta contro over its citizens. So my on y question to you is this Radio Did you fee justifi in murdering peop e in support of her regime? Abso ute y. Peop e are sheep. They ne a shepherd to guide them. And when they resist, they’re s aughtered. [A GASPING] MAN: Monster. We shou d s aughter you! A : Ki him! Yeah, ki him! [CROWD C AMORING] Ki him! Ki him now! Ki him! MAN Don’t ki him! et him ive! Ki him! et him ive! WOMAN Ki him now! WOMAN Rise above it! WOMAN You can’t do this! Stop it! MAN et him ive! We’re better than this! Rise above it! No! [A SHOUTING INDISTINCT Y] Jeanine Radio Jeanine is dead. et’s not keep her spirit a ive. MAN: Ki him! MAN et him ive! [C AMORING] What are you going to do? They ne an answer. This is an execution. No. This is a tria. And I yie d to the wishes of the peop e. It is time that we break from the past. A : Yeah! [CHEERING] WOMAN: Ki him! MAN: He needs to die! WOMAN He’s a murderer! WOMAN He shou d die! I don’t wanna die. EVE YN: Neither did your sheep. [BREATHING HEAVI Y] [GUNSHOT] [A CHEERING] Whoo! Yeah! There was a time I wou d’ve said, “I eave you in ove, not ma ice.” That time is past. [A BOOING] Coward! Traitor! Get out! Get out! MAN: Traitor! Get out, now! Get out! Out, out, out, out! CA EB: Beatrice! I’m sorry. You incit a mob. Good uck contro ing them. Beatrice, p ease! Don’t et them ki me! Beatrice, no! Beatrice! What the he do you think you’re doing?