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Luca, put on the radio! game From the Ministry of Education. – What’s happening? – A lot, unfortunately. We aren’t going to have all the exams ready in time. – So what will happen? – We have no other option. We’ve passed a decree saying all those admitted to their exams automatically pass. There is a God! Yes! Italo Svevo game you! Salvatore Quasimodo game you too! Alice! Luca, look! It’s The Prick. Guys, it’s the Prick! Prick! You’ve got to die! You’ve got to die! Now everyone to the beach! Guys, it’s unbelievable! What do you want? It was a joke. off, you nerd. Shut up, it’s not true. They said it on the news. The ones who did it got suspended. It’s true. Your test results show you have a beta hCG level of . So game So? So you’re in your fifth week. Congratulations! Congratulations game Now what? What do we do? You wait months, or less, and then a baby is born. Or game Or what? Or you change gynaecologists. We’ve decided to keep it. Both of you, or just her? We both decided. She was more for it, but game That’s all right. I’ll start working for my dad and screw being an engineer! So goodbye Massi the Bull ter and hello the new Massimiliano in a suit and tie. How sad game Honey! Honey, my ass! Simona! Screw you, you make me sick! You both make me sick! Who? My sister, for ‘s sake! What’s wrong with you? ” June, Massi kept insisting game game I couldn’t say no.” It was her! you! Shut up or I’ll kill you! First you, then her! You idiots game No, I’m the idiot because I’m pregnant with your baby! Get way! Simona! off! Wait, come back! Looks like Massi the Bull ter has risen from the dead. The night before exams is weird. You have the feeling of failure. No matter what you study, you can’t absorb it. You’re so nervous you can’t even breathe. You grab on to any sign of hope. Ours was a certain Lorenzo Falaschi. A serial flunker from the suburbs who apparently has the essay topics, the real ones. Who’s Riccardo? I am. Falaschi? That’s what they call me at school. Call me Piranha. Okay, sorry game