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Well, I didn’t. So don’t worry about it. I think I’ll put those plugs in right now. What were you doing out at the crack of dawn? Father, I .. More coffee, Mr Harper? Sybil, you know I drink tea. Really Lucia, you were taking an awful chance on that boat. I think David has been fooling around with that outboard motor. Probably got most of it in his car. Why would anyone want to get up dawn for? Mrs Harper? Yes. I want to add something to that shopping list we made last night. Hmm .. I have it right here. Well, I had it. I know. You put it in your pocket so you wouldn’t forget it like the last time. I know. Mother. Was the anchor in the boat this morning? I don’t know. Somebody has swiped it. Who’s stealing anchors? I don’t know but it was in the boat yesterday. Mother didn’t see it, so .. Never mind, David. I’ll get a new one. Bea. Yes, mother? Good morning. Bea, I want to talk to you a minute. David didn’t ..? No dear. That’s I want to talk about. Bea. Did you ever tell anyone you were going with .. Ted Darby? No. Good. How ever I could have been fooled by that vile ..? Stop it, Bea. I know how you feel. But you mustn’t talk against him or about him to anyone. You mustn’t even mention his name. Do you understand? I’d rather die than have anyone know I ever knew him. Is there anything about last night that you haven’t told me? No, there is nothing. You’re sure? Yes. Go down to breakfast, dear. You’re late. Aren’t you coming? I’ll be right down. Lucia. You know, we must make a point of seeing each other during the holidays. Mrs Feller. We’ll try. Owen will be home from school tomorrow and he will be dying to see Beatrice. We’ll do that. Kathy. We can’t ship it like this. Beatrice has always liked Owen. Well, Owen has always liked .. What’s the matter with it? I did the best I could. You might have done the best you could Mrs Feller, but the best isn’t too good. All I want from this Post Office is delivery, not philosophy. Take a look, a little excitement. Lucia, doesn’t it look alright to you? I think he’d know, Catherine.