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Want a stuffed thingy? Nobody can win those. Fred says it’s a worthless talent, that I should’ve learned French instead. I say you don’t need to know what ” Voulez-vous coucher avec moi” means game to love that song. I think being good at crane machine is way cooler than French. Voilà. Nobody’s ever given me a stuffed dismembered head before. Excuse me. Now I have to start my voodoo ritual all over again! Voodoo ritual? I was about to sacrifice this chicken. That chicken’s not alive. I know. What, did you figure that out when you saw it didn’t have a head? What do you want? Why you in the voodoo ritual space? I’m looking for clues as to who’s behind the students’ strange behavior. Here’s a clue: Purple is a fall color. It’s the middle of May! Pardon? Do yourself a favor and get off this island. Go home. Go home before evil befalls your skinny, aerobicized booty. And whatever you do game do not, I repeat game do not go into that Spooky Island castle. You want me to go to that castle. Didn’t you hear what I said? You knew I’d do the opposite of what you said. You told me not to go to the castle so I would go game where you set a trap to capture me. Unless game you knew I’d figure it out, so you told me not to go game so I’d think you wanted me to go, so I wouldn’t go. I’ll find out what you’re hiding in that castle. You watch. What in the world? Hamburgers, where are you? Hamburgers. Thank you. Shaggy! It’s been really nice. Shaggy! Monster! Monster! A monster? Scooby-Doo, quit goofing around, man. I guess I should go. Bye, Scooby. Bless you. Shaggy. Scooby. No way. Scoob and me don’t do castles. Why not? They have paintings that watch you, suits of armor you think is a statue game but there’s a guy inside who follows you every time you turn around. How many times did that happen? Twelve. We’re not gonna do it. That’s right. Scooby? Did you hurt your paw? Would you do it for a Scooby Snack? Oh, boy! And you’ll be fearless? Fearless? Hong Kong Phooey, watch the fists of fury. Here you go. Thank you. Super Magician Wars