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Do you work in Vodka Company? No, sir drinks only Vodka Chai said it all, right? Yes, he said to take his number from you and call and would say then. It is an instruction from Chai not to give the number if you ask. Keerthi will design my program. You look like a tailor and you have a designer again? KeerthiSir Note this point..What next..!? We got to take this notice of Chai Yes sir..I just joked Sir would not laugh for jokes Why, have even cheeks gone down along with the limbs? Hey, what are you talking without any sense? Do you know who sir is? Keerthi! I liked Sreenu, he is pure and innocent. Say the program You should get up at six. You should wake sir up by . What shall I do for the two hours? Sir would first tell the rules spontaneous on the before day You should read the paper aloud at :. He will go to bathroom at : and come by : Is it the bathroom or a board meeting? Listen, breakfast at : Should I eat? No, you should serve to Sir. You should take him for outing at . What, like we take the dogs out in fresh air? Keerthi Sir Note even this, we shall take this to the notice of Chai.Okay sir. How did you lose the limbs? That day I and my Kuchipudi fellow started late and finished early. I dashed the lorry thinking as a human in drink, Srinu Bloody, it would have been god if he too died along with losing legs I heard Sreenu No, I meant is this foreign trip required after losing it all? I got motivated seeing the film of Nagarjuna that we can enjoy even without some body parts, Sreenu Hey……you. Sreenu, do not leave that fellow That fellow showing finger Stupid rascal, to show who I am body is not cooperating. Come on drive Sreenu, drive on. Go on Come on…Go on Do not shout so with that bloody vocal,I am getting frightened. If it was my Kuchipudi, he would completely get drunk and bash him up. Go Sreenu, come on go How can one go more faster than this? Press the clutch completely,Okay. change the gear Okay. and raise the accelerator okay. Raise it, raise… more… Raise it, raise… I said to leave the accelerator, but not the steering Seenu, how is my Oopiri uncle? He is like to take away my breath I will pay how much ever needed. If you want Meera, take good care of my uncle I will take care of him,but who takes care of me? Chai loves me a lot Excuse me, one minute dear! What if I too get my picture drawn making this girl sit in my lap… Sreenu Here.. Let us circle around the city. Say him in English He is deaf and he doesn’t understand. Some more, some more, more…. Enough Soda.. Enough… how much will you pour? Shall I call Chai?Why? Who will feed munching?I am feeding Okay. Sreenu! Sreenu!Okay. Sreenu! What Sreenu? here is no drink. That is Keerthi! Wow, wonderful!We can go around the whole Spain. Beautiful! Actually I thought of presenting after you finished masters, but this model did not come then Go, enjoy manThanks dad Thanks..Congratulations! Chai, you are so lucky. Your dad keeps searching for occasions to gift you. My dad keeps escaping from me on every occasion Go away.. Who would you take