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Small town near the border. There’s a chop Game shop there. Satellite feed coming online. Once he crosses the border, we can move in. Come on. Come on, come on, come on. Come on, you want to get across that wall or what? This is cartel turf. You led us right to ’em, you crazy son of a bitch! Shh. No, no, no, no. Be quiet. They’re all around us. Waiting. Lurking. We’re looking for a ride. Well, this ain’t Enterprise ing Rent Game A Game Car. These are custom orders. I would do as he says, Grasa. Well, look at this. Marcos Mendez in the flesh. This will do. No shit it’ll do. That baby’s my ing masterpiece. Could take her through a minefield without a flat tire. Cartel! Easy, hombre. You wouldn’t shoot a man in a wheelchair, would you? No. I’m jealous. Go, Machete, go! Hola, motherer. Let’s go to the nude beach. Hey there, lover boy! Ladies, give them hell. Save lover boy for Mama. I have a special package for him. Killjoy, give me my strap Game on! Grab the wheel. Get out! ! You’re dead. , Machete! You’re crazier than I am! Crazy like a gypsy , man! Oh, what you gonna do? Drive through it? It’s solid concrete. Machete, what the hell are you doing? Even Jesus couldn’t get through that damn wall! Do you know another way? There is no other way! That’s why they call it a wall, God damn it! I know a way. See that graffiti tag on the wall? Drive straight for it. An inch to either side and they’ll be scraping us off the cement. Which Mendez are you? The one who wants to help you get across the border. Hit it! We built the tunnels when they built the wall. You made it! Well, sweet Jezebel! I think we just hit us a stroke of beaner’s luck running into you again, Taco. You know, you and your compadre are going for about million buckaroos a head. I was never straight A’s in algebra, but that is a shit Game fire Game Game me Game hallelujah lot of money. I figure we oughta take advantage of your lucrative predicament and get us up to squares. No distractions this time, right, Clebourne?