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I guess so, Hannah. That man out there. He’s a decent man, I’m sure. But he’s had more of you than I’ve ever known. He’s what you left me for, Harry. I know you didn’t know him when you left. But he’s what you went looking for. A man don’t ask for things of another man like a woman does. He’s easier to please and he don’t get bitter about the same things. Each time you and me didn’t get along, each time you got weary, he’d be there and I’d wonder if you were planning to go off with him or if he’d be telling you not to be a fool. Don’t you see, Harry? It’d be just like you came home with some woman you’d been living with and said, “I want her to stay in the spare room.” Out there, where he’s going, Hannah, it’s cold on your own. Don’t you think it’s about time you started practising being a husband again, Harry? I’ll pick it up OK. Good night, Harry. Sure is a good morning for it. You make it back this way Games Sure. Arch? If it gets, uh Games you know, the way it can out there, you just turn around. I’ll bring him back a bottle of that ocean water. Goodbye, Mr Harris. Goodbye, Janey. I hope I’ll be all right for you, Harry. Just checking Janey. She’s all right. Wind didn’t waken her. I love you, Harry. I love you too, Hannah. Harry! Harry. There’s a funny man and he brought Mr Harris’s horse back. Where did you get this horse? Sam sent me with him. Where’s Harris? He wants you to come see him. Where is he? Waiting for you. What is it, Harry? It’s Arch. Something’s wrong. Is he sick? Not exactly. He sent you this. Sam says, each week you don’t show up, he’s gonna take off another. And if you don’t show up ever, he’s gonna cut off his toes and all. Ha! Harry, what are you doing? They cut off one of Arch’s fingers. One each week, they say, till I get there. How do you know it’s his finger? It sure as hell is somebody’s finger and, seeing as they got Arch, I reckon it’s his, OK? Yeah. Harry, you can’t. You came back. You said Games You said you’d come back. You can’t go away. You can’t. The longer I wait, the worse