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and I was super excited to hear what else you had and what you gave me was more mash-ups. That’s sort of what I do. Listen, Reggie. Is it “Reggie”? “Beca.” Um, that happens a lot, though. You’d be surprised. Okay. Here’s the thing. Um, any kid with ears and a laptop can do that. Dax can do that. All right? Right. So that’s fine if you want a career deejaying raves out in the desert. But if you want to write “music producer” on your tax forms someday, then you’ve gotta have an original voice. Do you understand? You’ve gotta show me what you have. Right now, what I have is a demo with mash-ups on it. Yeah, yeah. I got lots of stuff to say. I’m just saving it all up. Look game Uh game What is it? “Beca”? Beca. Okay, yeah. So, you’re an intern, and everybody else in here is an intern. You’re talented, everybody else in here is talented. So what the hell makes you special? Do you know what I mean? That’s good. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give you one more shot to show me who you are as an artist. Okay? Do not waste it. No, sir, will not waste it. I really hope you don’t, for your sake. ‘Cause I would hate to think that singing covers in an a cappella group is all you can do. Please replace the paper towels. Hey, it’s Jesse. Text me. Hey, it’s me. Um game Hey, so you might not be able to hear this message, because, it turns out, I have nothing to say. Um game That’s music industry speak for “I suck.” You’re definitely asleep right now. That’s cool. Text me when you’re up. Hey. What? A girl can’t say she’s going to grab a smoothie and return hours later? There’s nothing suspicious about that. Why are you up so late anyways? Um, I was just figuring some stuff out. You’re working on the set? Um game I’m not working on the set. I’m just, like game What? Nothing. Doesn’t matter. If you did wanna share something with me, your best friend, I’m a great keeper of secrets. I’m like a safe that locks, with a key, and the key is stashed up my bum. Because game It’s fine. Forget it. It’s all good. So this has nothing