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They ki your parents! Four is there! Four. Yes, yes, Four is there. But he’s Damaged, just ike the rest of them. Where are you going? I’m taking your ship and I’m not coming back. You can’t f y. Watch me. Autopi ot engaged. Tris Prior is stea ing my craft. Bring her back. Hurry. Christina. These are for you and Tris. How’d you know we were eaving? You’re not the on y ones who hate David. Okay, come on. Thank you. Ho d it! Get in, get in. Hands to yourse f or I throw you out. et’s go rescue Four. ooks ike three ships are fo owing us. P asmacraft engaged. Surround it. Give her a nudge towards the ground. The autopi ot wi bring her down safe y. Whoa! Whoa! What are they trying to do? They’re trying to bring us in for a anding. I’m going manua. Tris! Pu up! Pu up! Trying. I’m trying! A titude. I got it. Your orders, sir? Shoot her down. Before she reaches the camo wa. You can’t fo ow her through. We’re dead. We’re gonna die, we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die! Ho d on! It’s gonna be c ose. There has to be a way to shut off the gas. ook at the venti ation system. It’s a over the city. Down there. Johanna. We got here just in time. It’s time, Eve yn. You said the gas was a ast resort. We Radio How do you think your tria is going to end? et me know the second the serum is re eased. You got it. Good uck. Thank you. How do these drones work? Turn your headgear on. And? Watch and earn. Stop right there! Drop your weapons! Hey. Hey, whoa, what are you doing? Put me down! A right, this one’s a you. Easy! Sorry. Stay where you are! That’s my gir. Recon! Screw this! I’m outta here. What the he is that? Hey. Hey Radio I’m sorry. I never shou d have trust him. You were doing what you thought was right. I ove you. We shou d find Eve yn. Come on. Serum status: Ready. Now, if you press that button Radio We’re comp ete y safe inside the vau t. And no one e se wi ever know what happen to them. Your choice. Initia ize serum vaporization. Guys! Guys! They just initiat the serum. Did you find a way to shut it off? Come on. Not yet.