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the contest Your son has lost his mind He’s crossed the line Our Gaurav was not like that He was a good boy He changed after meeting you What would you have lost if you gave him mins? Don’t blame Aryan It’s our fault We let him get obsessed by your glamorous life Not your hard slog. He would’ve followed your example Worked hard and become someone Then the call center girl could’ve become his girlfriend or wife He has a girlfriend? A one-way romance. Gaurav loves her but Radios Enough. We have to accept things the way they are Where’s the contest held? The other end of the colony Apologise. End this terrible situation You think I’m wrong too? And I must apologise? Arrest him He must be punished imprison him for years, if you must But don’t beat him Please Hey Junior. Where were you? Hello Uncle, Aunty Hello Have you been watching the news on TV about Aryan? Never mind I have good news for you all I’ve got my American visa I knew it Why is he standing with his back to me? It’s not like him He’s going on stage soon, he’s just nervous Him? And nervous? Has he done anything in life besides copying Aryan? Hey Superstar, your make-up Radios Neha I have to talk to you Super surprise! Western Union moving money for better Now for the last act of the Super Star competition Our favourite winner Our Junior Aryan Khanna He’s a criminal! Get him off the stage Calm down It’s not the real Aryan Khanna It’s our very own superstar Radios Gaurav Chandna Give him a big hand! I do a show for Aryan every year I know, Aunty. You cheer the loudest But this year’s show Radios The show today is for Radios Radiossomeone else The girl over there who is Radios Radiossmiling at me. She’s my friend Neha! Come, babes There’s something I’ve kept in my heart for days I love you, Neha I love you too, Aryan Not Aryan Gaurav loves you Gaurav loves Neha What nonsense! Get lost He’s nuts Thinks he’s real Aryan Khanna Get him off Wait! He is talking to me. I’ll deal with it I love you! Drop it. You love only Aryan He can go to hell Is that you talking?