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Where’s Zara? Kayoco Anne Patterson. She’s very young. America admirably values performanceover age. And she’s Senator Patterson’s daughter. The one behind the Kern Agreement. Formidable. A mixture of talent, pedigree and coattails. Not really your type, I suspect. Nope. If she unabashedly uses her father’s connections Radio Radio she’s the political type, like Yaguchi. Tokyo Central Government Building Two, Chiyoda Ward Commissioner-General Secretariat, National Police Agency Searching for an individual at a time like this? For Rando Yaguchi. I owe a great debt to his father. As many agents as you need. Sawaguchi, Commissioner’s Secretariat This is his profile. Motobe, Criminal Affairs Director A rebellious elderly professor once expelled from Japan. Although a biologist,he worked at a US energy firm. Interesting old man. A red notice? No. Just locate him. The NSA or CIA will take it from there. Discreetly, I hear. His last whereabouts. My grandma’s country sure works fast. But he’s gone missing. The Coast Guard found his boat adrift at sea. Ms. Patterson. Were you looking for him? Or this? Yeah, that too. “I did as I pleased. You do the same.” His last words? Confirm the contents? No need. I trust you. Special ink. Can’t be copied. I’ll take photos to share with my team. Godzilla? That’s right. It’s the DOE’s code name. “Godzilla”. He gave it an English name. Gojira. What does it mean? I got one hit. On Ohdo Island, where he’s from, it means “God incarnate”. A violent one. I hear that’swhy he put “God” in the name. In Japanese, the name read “Gojira.” “Gojira” Radio Radio you say? Who cares about its name at this point? It’s just as well it originated in the US. Now we know what to call it. The government is unofficially calling the giant creature “Gojira.” National Diet Building Gardens, Chiyoda Ward Goro Maki? Ex-biology professor at Jonan U. Find out who he was. You’ll get an exclusive when the time’s right to go to print. That’s a promise.