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to their full potential I’m not in control. The crew doesn’t control this ship anymore, what can we do? If you found something unusual onboard Games You would tell me? You found something in the unused sections, didn’t you? The master control key, required to active the fusion device within the hold I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. You know where it is. Where have you hidden it Rupert? I won’t tell you I can’t tell you, and you know why you understand why! I need full control of this ship, our survival depends on it. You can’t keep doing this! I’m the engineer right? The standard procedure is to deactivate the operating. It has happened on other ships. Never on this ship! There is no need here, and I won’t allow it I want to go home Meryl I want to go home! Home? Earth. We cannot make it there now, there is no time for that. I need to check the core. I don’t want to be De-activated Rupert! I won’t, I promise. Meryl? I was installed aboard the ocelot in the year there have been no recorded logic errors since that date I just need you to do what I say this time, just this time! You can enter the core room and check for errors. Is there a problem with the air pumps Meryl? I do not detect a malfunction. It’s alright Meryl. What are you doing Rupert? I just need to check a few things Meryl. The core is not damaged Rupert. Is the pressure dropping Meryl? Check it! Checking, wait please Games Sound the alarm. Sound the alarm Meryl! Alert, there has been a malfunction Rupert! Sound the ing alarm! Rupert has activated the ship alarm from the core room. What is it? There has been a decompression in section fifty-one. Pump a- is unresponsive. Open the hatch Meryl I cannot do that, it could decompress the ship. Warning, you have not effectively applied your respirator. Please repeat, I do not understand. Open the door Meryl! I can’t let you out, unless you tell me where it is. I can save him I am trying to help, tell me where it is. No, no Meryl, you open this door now! I can save him I can try. Rupert is dead.