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Naruto Kakashi Master It’s in the Antitentura. So use your teleporter then Buddies, what about us? Don’t you feel sorry for us? Come along What? Me? To the planet where you can’t tell a savage Patsak from a Chatlanian? You can go back if you don’t like it No, buddies Heavens be my witness: a society with no pantscolor differentiation has no future! I’m sorry, I can’t wait any longer Friend, alien! Wait just a few more minutes Tsarapkin, let’s record the entire act Be quick,Monte isn’t here. Besides, you can talk your way out of anything, can’t you? I get by all right. You keep saying that. Do I? Nervous, Wally? No, I’m cold. Temporarily. Isn’t this more comfortable? Yeah, I guess so, but Game What’s the matter? Nothing. You don’t seem very happy here. I’m happy. Believe me. Inside, my heart is singing. That’s pretty corny, Wally. Well, I’m a corny guy, but smart too. I wonder about things. What things? For instance, I wonder why you brought me here tonight. All of a sudden, husband gone, soft lights, quiet room, opportunity. Why? Maybe I find you irresistible, Wally. You make me shiver, Mildred. You always have. You make love so nicely. You always have. All my life when I’ve wanted something, I’ve gone after it. I get it too. It may take me a little time, but I get what I want. Do you? It must be nice. Yeah. It is. I’m sorry. Hey, what’s the score? I feel sticky. I think I’d better change my dress. Yeah, sure, Mildred. It’s a good idea. I’ll only be a minute. Leave the door open so we can talk. I’m suffocating Mama, mama, what are we to do when the cold season comes? I have no warm scarf You have no warm coat Woah! I’ll be damned Hello, Mr. Chizhov! Idiot Did I scare you? I thought you’d like it I’m Tolik, Yelena’s son Hello? No, this isn’t Frosya You dropped some candy Keep it Uncle Vova, here’s the thing. I was robbed on the train Could you lend me , roubles? I’ll pay you back as soon as mom wires me some money I don’t carry cash on me. Good night How about , then? Listen, young man if you don’t leave me alone Game Your phone is ringing Hello? It’s Frosya Ziegenbogen brought your old slippers Should I take them? Don’t. Koo, Uncle Vova? Curiously good subtitles by Eclectic Translations