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are in trouble when I didn’t see you It’s too bored in the cabin, went out for some fresh air, any news? Yes Where? What time? Golden Shepherd Hotel Golden Shepherd Hotel o’clock o’clock You have to think carefully, don’t cause trouble on the train or we will all die together You are on your own from now on Don’t look for.. Hey Kim Woo-Jin, looks like we have to end here Didn’t you say to rest at your seat? I thought it over and decided to join Captain Lee for a beer A cup of beer please Yes Nicely disguised Is there nothing to tell me? Don’t you think this person looks like someone we are looking for? What are you talking about? Damn bastard, from now onwards, I will be in command I will be ordering, and you should just follow I am a police, show me your identification Wait, don’t move Hey My ID is in the bag, do you want to get it yourself? You two listen carefully, or we could have all die here This will depends on who takes out the other first You have to think carefully Kim Woo-Jin Now You bastard Go away, go away Damn bastard, you never listen to me Go away, go away I am Japanese Police Captain I am on an operation, do not panic, get back to your seat Yes Everyone, get back to your seat Did you change heart? It’s not a change of heart, but determination I’ve lost faith a long time ago I’ve given up How can you give up so easily If only we can have success at least once, I would not have change so easily Do you really think we can obtain independence by risking our lives and throwing a few bombs I can’t act ignorant anymore Even if we manage to reach Gyeongseong, it doesn’t change anything We have no hope Although I am giving us a way out Giving us a way out? Who to who? From you to me? to us? If it is not for you, you all, I would have exposed everything Just because you are my friend, you are my family Shouldn’t you thank me? I want to revenge for Jang-Ok Brother I am not your friend, and I have no empathy for you Are you going to let this westerner kill me? Really? On behalf of Heroic Corps, I am exterminating the