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Yellow flag means caution. You slow down. Yellow flag, caution. I slow down. Put on the brakes. That’s it. Black flag means Get the hell off the track. Get the hell off the track on the black flag. A white flag means you got one lap left. One lap left to do on the white flag. That’s it. You understand? I believe so, sir. Tell me about the checkered flag. I wouldn’t worry about that checkered flag If I was you, boy. All right, drivers, start them engines. Go! Just hold up, baby. Just hold up. What a fine race coming up today, folks, Starting with a -lap sprint. We’ve got a first here today. We’ve got a colored boy in car number Name of Wendell Scott. Keep your eye on that boy. Take it easy for a few laps. It might be a little slick. Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go, Wendell, come on. Come on. He’s still in there. Norton will find him. That’s number four turn. Whoa! Whoo! He made it out, gents. , Wendell Scott. They’re getting in a-knocking and a-banging. We got a game, folks, he might make it. How about that nigger? On the number two turn, They’re coming through to number three game Hey, nigger, don’t wreck. Come on, Wendell. Hang on, Wendell. Look out, nigger! , Beau Welles and Willy Hutch, They’re trying to block number . Wa-hoo! Peewee, go down there and do something! That colored boy’s hanging in there, But he’s got five more laps to go, folks. Why don’t you suckers just leave him alone? Ok, meat-fink, let’s race. Almost got me a nigger. Go! Go! Go! G– They’re blocking number again. He’s trying to get through. Get the hell out of my way! Now go with them. Go to the right. Oh! Aah! Bye, nigger. I think we need a wrecker. He’s gone over the fence. How about that? I told you old beau would fix him up. Look at him over by that fence over there. Look at him! Where? Where? There he comes, number four turn. Y’all ought to seen him! Look at that nigger. Come on, baby, come on. Whoo, Wendell. He’s still smoking in the fifth turn. He’s trying to make it. Can he make it? Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Come on, baby. Don’t stop. Don’t!