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Super Penguin Quest 2 I’m not that crazy even on my period. I’m reasonable. But I follow my heart. What are you doing there? Sleeping. Huh? I’ve got major jetlag. I’m learning about my likes and dislikes. I don’t like being alone like this. If one day you all disappeared, how would I go on with life? Yeah, I worry about that too. Keep page . I read in a magazine “every day counts”. What magazine? A French one. You read French? I read a dictionary. Hey, start chatting, this is costing me baht a minute. I really counted three fingers game Condos, concrete, control. Bangkok again. Why did I go to Paris? Mary’s welcome home party! I hate social functions. I never know anyone. Why are you hiding? Shit, you scared me. Everyone keeps asking why I went to Paris. But I don’t know. Just come out! Unconscious. Recently, my life’s been so weird. I do things without any reason. Do you need a reason? Like you wake up hungry for noodles. There’s no reason. Right? Noodles don’t need a reason. It’s like being controlled. Whatever. Suddenly, a grasshopper on my arm. See? Weird right? I wanna eat some cake. No cake on Fridays. Closed. Cake! I wanna eat birthday cake, even though it’s not my birthday. I wanna eat birthday cake! Wait until next year! ! That’s tear gas! Folding paper triangles. Why are you folding them? Oh yeah game Why? Bought a whole lot of chinaware. Wanna paint them! What did you buy this for? Suri is confused by the printer. Hey, it’s your name. Shit game Why me? This is freaky. Who’s Nawapol? Hi, teacher. Hi. I want you to game Thank you. You sound like you’re leaving us. I’m going to learn to be a stuntman. Or maybe a comedian. So busy teaching, forgot to learn. I leave the yearbook in your hands. Why did teacher leave? Without any warning at all. It’s not so strange. We gotta kickass on the yearbook. Teacher left it to us. This is our time. Shit game You talk like a movie. Busy day today. Two people a day? Isn’t it too much? You wanted only magic hour. How about half a person a day? Is it too rushed? Should be enough. Left. More left.