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Who is he? He is Chai, my friend. Say you threatened or not No way out dear.Your marriage got fixed with son of Balagoud. I am saying even now. Not even one from that family stays alive if someone tries to over act. You do not have that chance. That family now is safe in my control. They will not lift your phone now. What happened? How would I know? Meera! Hey Meera take out the gun No baby Brother, give the gun Meera take out the gun. Brother, give the gun or I will die Let us go Hey, Meera dear Do not come, listen to me Do not move Hey stop bloody Come..come on.. get in. Hi, my name is Chandramukhi. What is your name? Meera Are you both friends? From when? From one month Where did you meet, how? You need details of all,but will not say yours Good bro, we are out safely Rajesh, look back once dear What? Hey.. Bro, they are behind and will kill us. Come on, drive fast Hey, block him coming opposite Shatru, he is not just a friend to Meera. Something more than that is visible in his eyes. Do not leave. Chase, kill him and bring back my sister. Go! Two rented cars blew away…Now none would give us cars too bro.. Rajesh, who is this girl? We came across in the bus he asks about details of all… But doesn’t reveal her details Uncle! Depth is great and we can bash over. There is no disturbance at all It is a perfect location for our chase. Wow, no rejections once you select Hey, who are you bloody? What you again, where? Sir, small problem What is that? Yes, look back once Oh no, they do not seem to leave When we thought to chase, why are they chasing us? They heard to this idiot right? Who are they? Men of this girl Who is this girl? Their person I did not get the clarity I got it, effect of the drink bottle I beg you bloody, shut your mouth Not begging, but push him out from the vehicle We heard him and got into that bus and they stuck to us. Will we fall out alive Chokka? I doubt You drive on, they are coming fast They are following like to avenge. They are following with so many vehicles,what is their budget? Oh no, who is he? He has come out. Hey, you will die if you fall down. Go inside. Hey Chokka, what are you like a hero?Come inside bloody How if all get frightened?Someone should say them right? Oh no, looks like these idiots will not listen. You go on Oh no, he is finished. Bloody, will you die or what? Oh god.. Hey pull that fellow You old idiotOh no, pull me Oh no.. Come on.. pull that fellow.Move on.. You hit an educated genius…You will be runied, idiot! Director sir, handful of hair has come out sir Bloody hair, we can have a wig every day if the human is alive Beauty conscious too again, you old idiot Why do you say so sir?Everyone will have their specialty Did you catch them?They missed out bro Where would they been to? Came to know that they went towards Ramannapet Call our Rajappa there. Look boss, we will take our way if you leave us. Say bloody Chokka! Is it required to put our life in risk to save some lovers, brother? You do not know sir, there is a big story behind. Sidhu.. Come.. Oh no,