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Up yours! Under the crossbar. Go! You black and blue bastard! Looks like your boyfriend tied. ADMITTED TO EXAM Yes! All right! NOT ADMITTED Chicca game – Hello? Claudia? It’s Chicca’s mom. Hi, Mrs. Salvatori. Is she over there? She hasn’t come home. No, she’s not here. Did they announce exam admissions? Yes. They didn’t let her through, right? No, they didn’t. I’m sorry. All right. Thanks. – Bye. I still can’t believe it. He admitted me to the exams! Your average grade is C. He’ll get you on the oral. When you’re face to face. That’s when Martinelli will get his revenge. Alice, stop freaking me out! You’re so game Oh God, it’s The Prick! What? It’s Martinelli! Let’s go. Peppe! What happened? Someone stole your teacher’s Simca . Great taste! Let’s go! If he sees me, he’ll think I did it. He saw us! Follow me. Hi, what happened? You tell me. In this screwed up country? I was renting a movie and my car got stolen. And they’re like those monkeys round here: hear no, see no, speak no evil. Luca can take you to the police. He’s got his scooter. No, I’ll take the bus. The bus is a nightmare. And Luca would be glad, right? Sure, I’ll take you. On your scooter? Yes. So where is this road monster? Luca Molinari, claims under his own responsibility that he personally knows Antonio Martinelli, born in Asti, July . Yes. All right, sign and date. Legible. Wait a couple of minutes and I’ll give you copies. This is all I needed. I don’t care about the papers, I’ve got copies. It sounds weird, but I’m upset about the car. A Simca is a great car. game Darn it. How long does it take to make a copy? It’s :! Your wife must be worried. My wife game She’s been gone for a year. I’m so sorry. You never told anyone. I would have come. Come where? She’s alive, she left me. For some yuppie, a lawyer. That’s good. I mean game You know game That’s good she’s still alive. Not that she left you game for a yuppie. After graduation, you should go into public relations. All right, thanks. No problem. Sorry you had to pedal up that hill.