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Super Railway Valley 3 Yeah you said that earlier. I know. I was just kidding. We never talk about anything. Wanna talk about Marouani? Why not? He’s my boss. Not him directly. It’s the company. What about the company? That’s in receivership. Let’s rather talk about us. You wanna take the shortcut or the long way? Let’s take the long way. We ain’t got the time if we wanna be on time tonight. We have to shower, get dressed and all. I already don’t wanna go there and I’m carrying all this. I asked you to carry it. You asked me knowing well that I would have said no. Come on game Let’s go home. No. I said I’m staying. You go home. I’m staying. Leave here the bag, your Windbreaker and your sweater. What for? Come on. I’m sorry. No. I said I’m sorry. You wanna carry the backpack? I’m sorry. No. I’m fucking sorry. How will you get home? This is absurd. OK, sorry for everything, not just for the backpack. I don’t like to dance. I don’t like to dance. You wanna dance? Let’s dance. Give me the bag, right now! Whatever. Why you need Windbreakers? You’re not gonna hitchhike, right? No. I’m totally gonna lose weight. And much more. Don’t get lost. I don’t think it’ll take her much longer. Ouch! Miss? Hello, miss. You’re an early riser! Are you alone? I game I came early. I’ve game Don’t be afraid. I’m the forest ranger. I pick up all the filth game Left by all those dirty pigs. I didn’t see cars in the lot. Where’s yours? My husband’s gonna come look for me. I game I’ve game I lost my keys here yesterday. So he dropped me off. Because he had an appointment. With his DHR. But he won’t be long. I’m gonna help you looking. Oh that’s nice but game Thanks, I’ll manage. It’ll be faster. Was it here? In this area? Within which distance? I’d say or meters. Was it actually a keychain? Uhm game Yes. A small one. I say we won’t find it. Here they are! It’s a pull tab. I think we will never find them. It’s not a big deal. My son has a spare. I’m off. Thank you. I’ll keep on looking. If I find them, I’ll take them down to the parking lot. OK. And I’ll put