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Human cannot reach all the places the mind travels Seenu Die if you cannot, why do you kill us so? Do not shout Seenu and irritate like this Why do you talk so, what do you know of him? Idiot! Keerthi Seenu What Seenu man? You are in love with Keerthi, right? You are observing well with wide eyes Even Keerthi loves you as per my observation. Why did she hit then? She hit as she is in love Is it! Daddy beats you, because he loves you. How can a girl say more than that to be in love Sreenu? With the respect over me, love over you and the fear about society she hit two for going wrong. You got to live together,nothing wrong to correct right Sreenu? Kneel down before her taking the flowers Insult me and I will bear, hit me and I will take it, but do not hate, I cannot with stand. Say in the same tone and do not go high,she gets irritated. Do not go low, she may get confused. Say ear pleasing like me in a slow voice, it will work out Keerthi. Insult me and I will bear,hit me and I will take it, but do not hate, I cannot with stand. Love you Keerthi. I love you. I love you too. Thankyou Keerthi. Thank you, thank you brother Sreenu..Brother. Never show the finger like that Why brother I cannot show back, right? Sorry broSeenu Brother.. I like to see the tower I will show you Brother. Thank you Seenu What do you feel seeing that tower? I feel, we both shall sit there and drink Vodka Brother If mom and dad come, say them that I am going out Why son? What happended? What are those wounds dad? Nothing, I slipped in the office.Laxmi, you come inside Mom, what happened to dad? Please, at least you say me While dad was coming back from office, it seems someone attacked and snatched away the chain Come, take Hurry up, give me the chain No, not the chain please.Give me the chain. Give it. You too how valuable is that chain Why did you say Chai? You know that he is high on anger, right? Chai! Baby Meera What happened dear? please man..please leave me. Take your things. Are you ok dear, nothing happened right? Is it paining baby?It is ok aunty They are very dangerous people. What is that crazy anger without any sense? There is a meaning dad. That chain is the remembrance of mom. Remembrance of mom is not the chain son, Meera, when Chai was years old, his mom died. He got us both married. He saw his mom in me. I am not saying as Chai is our boy,but is a very good man. He goes any far for the ones he like. You do not misunderstand his anger. Go and say sorry to that girl I am sorry Meera. I am really very sorry I then did not understand why you reacted so much. I understood now. I am totally impressed. She first said impressed, Then very much impressed and now totally impressed. Congratulations bro! Reason for me to come here is Andy. I and she are classmates and hostel mates from plus two. She is my best friend, really close to my heart. I used to share every personal matter with Andy first. She unfortunately died last year in an accident. I am sorry Tomorrow is first anniversary. Andy, I miss you so badly. I can never forget you and your remembrances.