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Lacrosse, I guess. Must be hard for you not being on the team. Yeah, well I’ve only been gone a couple of weeks, and it’s like I never existed. I mean they got their Laurels tattoos without me. Those traitors! Yeah. Hey Let’s you and I go together. I’ve always wanted a tattoo. Seriously? What? Do you think I’m too old for one? No, no, no. Of course not. Then it’s settled! Right after we finish your personal statement We’re getting inked! Great! Well, how long will this take? Not long if we put our minds to it. So, tell me more about your proudest accomplishments. I guess I’d start with Lacrosse. Athletics, like war, is an art. If you excel at one, who knows what interests lie dormant? When you’re ready, then you can add some leaves or add some petals. Remember, thick to thin. How was practice? Good. Are you handling everything all right? What do you mean? Captain is a stressful position. You have to be a leader. All the girls are looking to you to set a healthy tone. It’s not easy. Danni? Just go to your party.