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Come and sing with us. I’ve got all the Alan Sorrenti songs. No, thanks. Honey game Ottavio and I have thought a lot about your future. And we’ve got a surprise for you game You tell her! You do the honours. Okay. Guess who Ottavio called for you? The Pope? The Dean of LUISS University. He’s a family friend. So it’s just a matter of paperwork to get you into law school! Then in two years you can come work for me. You’ll get your own office. I’ve got something to tell you. Go ahead! I’ve thought about my future too. I’m not studying Lit like dad wants, or Law like this guy wants. I’ll do what I want. And what’s that? I don’t know but don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know. So you can tell these assholes who say they’re your friends. Goodbye, have a nice party! How can Mom go out with him? Maybe he’s great in bed. Grandma! What’s wrong with that? Nothing, but game Just picturing it makes me ill. What about you and Cesare? What? In bed game I mean. So so. So so? “So so” at ? Are we kidding here? Me and your Grandpa at were already doing game Never mind. Good thing I’ve got you. I feel so alone. But you’re not! You’ve got me, your Dad game Dad, right game We can’t talk about my life. Maybe not. But you could tell him you want to go to Berlin to see Chicca. How did you know? Grandma Superpowers. Hints of redemption for this country, the police found the car. Missing a hood, wheel and a seat but the rest is perfect. All right game Yahoo! Dad? What? Chicca left for Berlin. Political asylum from flunking? No, she’s travelling and she’s paying for it herself. I’d like to see that. So game since I’ve been kind of depressed lately game Royal jelly. It’s an amazing remedy. I’ll get some for you tomorrow. I told you it was pointless. What’s pointless? Anyway, how did it go with her and her mom? You’re asking me? Well, I could ask the scale. Maybe I’ll get a decent answer. In spite of the Great Wall of China you’re both erecting around me, until further notice I’m still head of this family! Antonio game when will