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What do I do? Do I get on to that and… Do you just… I mean, how do you get this down? Right, so you’re controlling this, and you click on this bar. Right. And then you pull it down. Oh, right. And then you get… What, do I hold that on there, do I? Okay. The rest of it. Yeah. All right, then I can just… On the left side. What, what, so I hold this and just pull that down? Yeah, and click the left. And click… Click to the left. Yeah. Right. And I just put that in there? Oh, that’s right, thanks very much. It’s fine. Aye. You’re a star. Right. Right, have I done it right? There we are… Oh, bloody hell. What’s this now? “Error”? Well, what have I… Here, mate, you divvent know what I’ve done here, do you? This error thing. Yeah, that’s a big thing. Do you? I don’t know, I was just filling in the thing and it just went… There we go. Oh, oh, yeah, there we go. We’re back on, right. You’re sorted, yeah? Hey, can you just hang on just for two seconds so I divvent go back here again. I’ll… Just, just, just, I’ll just like do a couple more questions. Yeah, I’ll just stand over here, don’t worry. Er… “Are you a Br…” Yeah. “Yes”. Right. I do that. Right. What? Yeah. What’s… Then you should continue. Should be all right. Right, okay. What’s… It’s, it’s, it’s not bloody, it’s not… Well nowt’s happening now. Yeah, just give it a second. Just give it a second. But it’s just not mov… I mean, look, it’s not even, it’s not even moving. Let me try, right. What? Here, get that. This is driving me mental, this. I mean, what have I done now? It’s frozen. Yeah. It’s frozen? Well… Well, can you defrost it? No, mate, I can’t. Think your time’s up. What? Your time’s up. Me time’s up? Yeah, I’m sorry, mate. Oh, sorry, mate, yeah. I’ll just leave you to it. Oh jeez. Do you have a partner? Er, no. She, er, she’s passed away. Oh, I’m really sorry to hear that. Thank you. D’you have any dependent children aged under living with you? No, I don’t. It’s really important we get this filled in because we need to get the process started. Yeah. Excuse me, Ann. Can I have a word, please? Could you just give me seconds, please? We’re just getting… Well, actually, can I have a word now, in my office? Thank you. Right. Jesus, I’ve got you into trouble now. I’m really sorry. It’s me that should be sorry. You just carry on, you’re doing good. You know, Ann, we’ve spoke about this before. That isn’t acceptable. I think in this case it’s quite reasonable… Come on in the office. The thing is you’re setting a precedent. It’s not acceptable. Oh, bugger. Bugger, it’s… Jesus… I don’t believe this. No, I only want my share of the football. Right then, that’s the only team you need to know in the northeast, is Newcastle. What other teams do you know? Er, Middle… Middle-borough. Middlesbrough, aye. Middlesbrough. Yeah. Middlesbrough. You know, you divvent need to think about them either. Aye? There you go. Er, we only have one Wagon Wheel left, so I cut it into four. But you can have two pieces considering you’re the host.