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all right. Fair? Why, the widow Collings is more than fair. She’s downright generous. Can always tell a man’s got something on his mind. He keeps talking to people he don’t know. Well, what is it you’re trying to tell me? What I’m trying to tell you, mister, is that most men who work for the widow Collings get paid in more than cash and keep. I’ll sure remember that. Save me getting a lot of fancy notions. And you can tell her when you get back, that Ed Plummer might take a ride out to see her, one of these moonshine nights. What’s he talking about, Arch? Ah, there’s your partner. How do you work it, boys? Night about? Or do you each do a week? He was talking about Hannah, wasn’t he? Was he? You know he was. That’s why you hit him. Stopped him from saying something about her. What was it, Arch? Said she slept with the hired help. Now, I’m warning you, Harry, if you’re gonna swing at me, I’ll take a great deal of pleasure in kicking the living out of you. Do you believe him? He was a mouth-off. It’s the kind of story you find in any saloon. You really believe that, Arch? Of course I do. I ain’t saying your Hannah never looked the side a man was on. But I sure don’t believe what that feller was saying. If I was you, Harry, I wouldn’t be putting no questions to her. She ain’t gonna take too kindly to you setting up judgment on her. Get up. Ah. Did I get the feeling your friend Harris made himself scarce? Could be. Why could that be, now? I guess he knows I want to talk to you. What about? I hope you ain’t getting ready to propose. In town today, someone said Games They made some remarks about you. What sort of remarks? About you and the men that worked here. Go on. What did they say? You know what they said. They said you slept with all your hired hands. You hired men to sleep with. God, what do you know about it? How many? Does it matter? Of course it matters. You were long gone before anybody got into my bed. And don’t think that’s ’cause I was hankering after you. I wasn’t. That was as long as I could stand it.