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When can I go home? You don’t like it with us? Look what I have for you. You found my ring? Not the ring. Only the diamond. He was in there. Down deep inside. I know. And you did find him for me. He is gorgeous. I would like… him back where he was. Can you… put him back? You… could put him back. What’s happening? How is she? Alexander! As it stands today with the hearing? Better? Yes, yes, better. What’s happening? We know more about the laboratory results tomorrow. What time is it? You’re not ready? Come in. The coffee is cold. Have no desire to make fresh. I’m sorry that I’m late. We were at Ireana in the hospital. My head of the skull. Until five I was on the lash. Then we move it. No. If only a hangover. Why is Irina in the hospital? Do you know anything about the explosion? An explosion? She has blown up herself in the kitchen. What did she do? Forgot that the gas was on. The classic. Poor thing. You know what I keep thinking? At Irina’s words from that day. To what? Imagine yourself, what brave children we were, as we fearlessly walked to the neighboring village. Please smoke on the balcony. My father likes it that way. Were you scared, when we slidded away? No. But it was dangerous. Then we will not climb today? The weather would be good. You love the rock so they you replace the brain. That’s disgusting. Who cares? Now get your head clear. Look in the mirror, how you look. What do you want from me? Andrej! Andrej! Andrej! He was led away in handcuffs. At six o’clock in the morning. For murder? They said nothing more. That must be a mistake. It’s terrible. If he gets drunk, he starts cursing the government. But he would never kill someone, who distributs flags. Please help us, Medea. We need help Jacobs. Say Vladimer, that I said it. Tell him, we should leave the past be behind us. I am so desperate. The case is quite clear. A murder, a colleague as an eyewitness. They will find him guilty. Only on “temporarily insane” could we plead. Seven years instead of ? Right. In addition, the victim has a week earlier indicated an attack.