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It wasn’t her fault, Maddy. It was something in that house, it something that, that made her do it. I think it got into all of us. When I came home, there was blood everywhere in the kitchen. She’d broken a plate and it looked like she’d stepped on one of the pieces. Katherine? Maddy? No one answered. I followed the bloody footprints to the stairs. Hey! No, no! There there there was no one in the house, Maddy. There was no one in the house. I could hear them. I could hear them. Stop! Stop! Stop listening to me! Please. Oh, no. No, there was and no, there was there was someone or something telling her what to do. It just kept pushing and pushing and pushing at her. And as I got closer to the nursery I could hear someone whispering ” five five.” I know it now but then I couldn’t tell if they were far away or if they were right next to me. I didn’t understand them. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to. I’ve never been so scared. I’ve never been so scared. And when I heard that that scream