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too, isn’t he? Everybody is overrated, but not you. I didn’t say that. You’ve had your glory moments. Now leave room for us. That was close. German? It’s coming back. Go! The papers! The camera! No, wait! . -You okay? -Yeah. Stupid picture! Something like that. Hey, Henry. Marco. I wondered when you’d show up. Like a bad penny. Yes. I heard your car was bombed. But I thought it was you telling your usual stories, but now Games And I heard that you’ve been secretly writing articles for the fascists. Yes. It’s dangerous when you cross the lines, Marco. You get yourself shot. If you write what they want, you never get shot. Didn’t know you were here. Hey, Marta. I’m so glad to see you again. Glad to see you, too. George! How’s New York? Where is my check? Henry, we have cheaper journalists, you know. Yeah, but none of them is named Henry Howell. They’ll have names of their own if I give them a chance. Listen, child star Shirley Temple released a toy collection with her face. And all the papers opened with that. -There’s a war on, Henry Games -All right. Here’s what we can do. I’ve got a hand-drawn battle map. Make a great illustration. But Games Speaking of illustrations, how about a week in Paris, George? Picasso is preparing a new exhibition. Let’s do Picasso. Together. He’ll talk to me, you know. Nothing about Paris. Bergara. Do you remember that article? That’s war. And war sells, Henry. I want war! I Games Absolute perfection. Come in. Teresa? These are the new journalists. Marco Navas. He works for a Portuguese newspaper. And these two are the ones with the car that broke down. No, it didn’t break down. It was bombed. Marta Vonier, photographer from Le Figaro. And Henry Howell, from the New York Herald Tribune. American. I studied your writing at college. I Games I think I’ve read it all. Short. Sharp. Very inspiring. Your style has evolved over time, hasn’t it? Well, I’m still a growing boy. I just read this article of yours about Bergara. You write of a battle at a castle where our soldiers were firing