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In such a suit I look like a groom. On you it looks good. They suit you. I wear it only to work. Where do you work? At the court. I think the suit fits you, because you were abroad. All who have left once the country, are much more relaxed. I do not feel relaxed. Each paid work pirates and weakens our thinking. Is only an advice. Tomorrow we get good weather for climbing. Guess what this is. Very funny. What shall that be? A duck. And what do you see now? Now there is a donkey. Well done, smart girl. Why donkey, it’s a rabbit. Great, it changes every time, when you turn it. Not resist talking. I don’t eat that, I would like cheese. Why do you force him? Let’s him eat what he wants. As a child you ate chalk. Should he also eat chalk? You are opening the mouth, now. Los. Mouth. Stop that Noise! That certainly brings us misfortune. I simply feel it. Sheesh, Irina, stop it. Anna … Who is this man? How did he get in here? I warn you:He wants to kill me. And then you. Irina, please, stop. It’s me, Lasha, the man of your sister. That’s what I said yes. You married my sister, snuck up and stole the diamond. I haven’t left the house for days. Who else could have done it? What’s happening? Can I look in your room? Don’t step in here so sudden. I could have an appointment. You didn’t now. Excuse the mess. We are still unpacking. Please wake him up. He’s probably still asleep. Not bad, right? These weapons, I’ll hang here. Is a good place, right? Great place, yes. This one was not cheap. And also not easy to get. From the year . Just imagine, it’s older than both of us together. Just take. It can’t shoot. It is beautiful. The guy, I bought it, has claimed all the time Pushkin had been shot with it. For real? No. He just wanted to push the price up. You know, don’t you, how antique dealers are. The tell anything, interesting legends. The previous owners of these things are dead. But, you know what? Eventually you start to believe that part of their history is plugged in an object. And it’s no longer a question of money. You just want to own it.