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Super Speed Kitty Rocket How can this be? Well it was like this. Gadget what the hell have you done to yourself? The worst case I’ve seen recently. Doktor, swearto god I’m okay. Don’t exaggerate. Quiet. Don’t talk. . Why of course. How tall are you man? ,. That’s not it. How much do you weigh man? kg. Baaad. Bro why don’t you answer like a man? What yearwere you born? . . That’s not it either? Don’t fret . With yourpermission. It’s my turn. Are you nuts? Gentlemen, welcome to the world of lT. And that’s how we foiled your game. You’ll see. You won’t get away with this. I’ll ruin all of you. You’ll see. Bye bye. Move it man. You may have Ronaldo, but we got Supermen. How was that? Baaad. Guys. Now that you are all here I want to declare something. Dila. Actually, I wanted to give you this Game Game family heirloom ring, at the very beginning. But Game There was an unfortunate incident that day I don’t understand how it happened either. I dropped it from being so excited. And that miserable chicken grabbed up the ring. Fortunately, as a result of much effort Game Game I caught the chicken. Split him down the middle and Game Whaaaaaat? You animal hating lowlife bastards. You’ll see me in your dreams. What did I do? Did he cut the chicken? That old girl could drink. And the time has come Game Game to announce the winnerof the night. Özlem School. We won! We won! We won! What’s that? Come give me a kiss. , gonna kiss, kiss you. My love bug. You guys are super. That’s it guys. That’s it. Good morning Emos. Girl! Yelda, what’s going on here? Just look at that sunrise. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Your driving me nuts. How did we get here? Forreal. How did we get here? God damn you. Can’t even see land. Yes, and I was just thinking, something is missing from the sea. There is no land. There is no land, Yelda. Yes, land Game There is no land Yelda. There is no land. Wait stop, what’re you doing? I’m going nut Yelda. No land, yes.