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SpongeBob Confused Boy There’d be less bills if you didn’t raise the kids like I was a millionaire. No wonder they’re so fresh and stuck up. That Veda. I’m so fed up with her highhatting me, one of these days I’ll slap her face. Bert, if you ever dare touch Veda, I’ll All right. All right. You’re trying to buy love from them, and it won’t work. I make enough to get by, but no, that isn’t good enough. Veda needs a piano, lessons and fancy dresses Game Game so she can smirk her way through a piece a talented yearold could play. Veda has talent. Just ask any of the neighbors. She plays the piano like I shoot pool. And Kay, a nice, normal kid who wants to skip rope and play baseball. But she has ballet lessons. She has to be a ballerina so you can feel proud. All right. What of it? What if I do want them to amount to something? I’d do anything for those kids, understand? Anything. You can’t do their crying for them. I’ll do that too. They’ll never cry if I can help it. There’s something wrong. I don’t know what. I’m not smart that way. But I know it isn’t right to Hello? I just wanted to know if Yes? Yes, he is. Who’s calling? Mrs. Biederhof. Just a moment. It’s for you. Mrs. Biederhof. Maggie, I can’t talk now. I told you not to I tried to call you at the office. I can’t talk to you now. Later. So the noble Mr. Pierce can’t talk right now. You’re busy saying what’s wrong with our marriage is how I treat the kids. Maggie means nothing to me. You know that. I wish I could believe it. You’d better apologize, or she won’t play gin rummy with you anymore. It is gin rummy, isn’t it? Now, don’t go too far. One day, I’ll call your bluff. You’re not calling me. I’m calling you. You might as well get this straight. Those kids come first in this house. Before either one of us. Maybe that’s right and maybe it’s wrong. But that’s the way it is. I’ll do the best I can for them. If I can’t do it with you, I’ll do it alone. You’re looking for an excuse to heave me out on my ear. I didn’t say I’m fed up. Get along without me. When you want me, you know where to find me. Bert.