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Super Steak And Jake Of course I have a problem with game Sam, listen, listen. I am not trying to tell you what to do, okay? But if anyone’s faith is in you, they should walk away from it. And this isn’t me trying to make some cometoJesus moment, okay, it’s just game It seems like you don’t even know what you believe, and I think until you do know, your best answer is that you don’t have one. I just think you should put your hope in something that’s worthy of you. That’s all. Callie game I’m so sorry. For everything. I hope you know that. I hope that’s true. You got a minute? We’re not getting to the money. I can get to the money. That’s not the problem. What is? Ken will never let me game Ken cannot stop you. Then somebody else will. You don’t understand. These people put me in this box, like the only thing I can do is music. And then they resent me ’cause they’re jealous. They don’t resent you because they’re jealous, they resent you because you’re kind of a dick. No, no, look. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Look. Listen. You need to cut this rockstar crap, dude, okay? Listen, I think you’re the perfect guys to run project get Wells soon. I know that your heart is in the right place, but, man, you got to change your attitude. I think we can really help each other, but you got to trust me. Now, do you know any other songs? Mm. Aha! Come in! Come in, come in. I’m just getting my stuff ready. Yeah. Yeah. I about fell out of my chair when you called and said you had a new song. Yeah, well, I’m just experimenting with a few new words. Ah, I get it. Artist thing. I understand. One second. Hello. Yes, it’s him. Huh? Oh. Uh game Wh game uh game Absolutely. And you are here right now? Well, yeah, I can come down right now. Sounds great. Thank you see you soon. Gabriel, this is it! You just tune up, do what you need to do, warm up, whatever. I’m gonna run downstairs real quick. Apparently someone from the holy herald is here talking about rankings. All right. I’ll just do some scales or something. Great. Byebye. Good evening. I can’t tell you how