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we agreed on. Payment, plus an advance for the next run. There is no next run. We’re quitting, it’s over. Jacques, please. or more runs, please! No, Irene. I said it’s over. We earned enough. We got our heads above water. I don’t want my head above water Damnit, Jacques, be a ambitious for once! We won’t get another chance like this. We have the opportunity to make a lot. A lot of money. * game Happy New Year. [DU] Happy New Year, to you too. Dank je wel. (Thanks) Hi, Jacques. Hi. You don’t seem happy to see us. Sure, but game I feel funny. Last day of customs, and all. Ah, tell me about it! Glass of champagne? It’s the end of the Courquain crossing, we’re not in a party mood. Give us a pick-me-up. Something stiff. We need it. So do I. Thanks, Jacques. Allez. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Farewell, customs. First time I don’t feel like celebrating the New Year. Doing anything tonight, Mathias? No, nothing special. You can’t be alone on New Yer’s Eve! Sure. Come with us for dinner at my dad’s. Me and Vanuxem. I don’t fit in with your father, I’m French. But, you imitate the Belgians so well! “Allez, forr wonnce!” No, no. Don’t even think about it. Come with us. No! It’s all in the clothes. Look. You’re about Vanuxem’s size. The uniform makes the man. I’m a little bigger, no? Happy New Year. You’re telling me! Bone sawer*, (bonsoir) M. Wonderwaffle, ‘for once’. Who’s this? Mathias, a new colleague. He comes from game Liege, huh, Mathias? Yes, ‘for once’. Happy New Year, M. Wonderwaffle, ‘for once’. Damn right! Stop saying ‘for once’ all the time. Really? They’re here! Mathias? From Liege, yes. From Liege? Olivia, my wife. Enchantée. ‘Bone sawer’. Leopold, my son. We’ll wake him for the fireworks. Great. Louise, my sister. ‘Bone swear’. Pleasure to meet you, ‘for once’. Ruben didn’t say he had ‘zuch a cute zister’. Mathias? Yeah? Come sit. Thanks. ‘Ferry’ kind of you. Funny, I don’t find your accent to be from Liege. My sister’s trying to be cute, and a troublemaker. Pass the bread, please? Sure. Thank you. Super Sweet Big Bear