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what’s “mayhem”? You’ll know when you’re older. I want to know now. Let’s put that gun away from harm. Mum, what’s “harm”? Stop annoying me. Remember when you set the cat on fire? Yeah. Who did it this time? Nobody. Then where’s the harm? Knock it off. Oh, God game You’ve got too anxious, Vadim. Worrying yourself and others over nothing. As if you don’t know we’re all in God’s hands. It’s His will. Of course I know, Father. So what troubles you? Is your faith wavering? Do you take communion? Go to confession? Every Sunday, without fail. I try to. Of course I can’t always make it. I get so busy game But I try. Who’s your confessor? Our local priest, the one you referred me to. Father Alexei? That’s the one. He’s a good priest. Seems OK. Get a hold of yourself, Vadim. And don’t worry, you are doing God’s work. It is said that good deeds are done happily and with ease, but don’t forget the enemy is ever ready and does not sleep. That’s the thing. You know game It’s like everything is going wrong. I’m uneasy. I’m uneasy. What’s happened is game Don’t reveal anything to me. You’re not at confession. You and I may be working for the same cause. But you’ve got your territory, and I’ve got mine. I understand that. I just feel ill at ease game I told you a couple of days ago, and I’ll tell you again: all power is from God. Where there’s power, there’s might. If you hold power in your territory, solve your issues yourself, with your might. Don’t go looking for help, or the enemy will think you are weak. Honestly, I have to lecture you like a child. Vadim game I don’t recognise you like this. Everything OK with the wife? I think so. How are the kids? They’re fine. You’re not sick? No. That’s a blessing. God bless you. It’s all my fault. No such thing. Each of us is guilty of our own faults. Everything is everyone’s fault. Even if we confess, the law doesn’t hold it to be a proof of guilt. We’re innocent until proven guilty. But who’s going to prove anything? And to whom? Do you believe in God? Why do you all