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It breaks my heart that the persons who have captured him don’t understand his goodness. My personal feeling is that silence helps two people. One is the government, it doesn’t push them to do more sooner, and the captors, it allows them to do whatever they want. It’s difficult now with all the talk about the Islamic State, they’ve become so famous or infamous, but the Islamic State, ISIS/ISIL was on nobody’s radar at the time. With a very high degree of confidence, we now believe that Jim was abducted by a pro-government militia group and was subsequently turned over to Syrian government forces. This is the first time we’ve really heard anything like this, so, we are very hopeful like John says, you know? Well, it turned out we were dead wrong about that. All the information upfront was just a bunch of BS. No one knew what the heck they were talking about because we had no access. That whole year, I don’t care what anyone says, all the efforts, all the leads, all this and that, we were in the wrong area of the country. You know, and Syria is about the size of New England, maybe, a little smaller. So here you go, Brian, go into New England, find Jim. I think the moment I learned that he had been kidnapped, I was just like this is going to be a really long process. Um, but I’m gonna do anything that I can in my power to get him home. Because, um, I can’t stand the thought of him being in a cell somewhere, cold and hungry, and I can’t sit here and not try to look for him. My name is Daniel and I’m a Danish photojournalist. I started as a gymnast, and while I spent all my time in gyms all around the world doing gymnastics, I… got bored when I didn’t do anything else and I started to take pictures. I only planned to be inside Syria for two days. I had one day of work when I walked around this small, quiet town. It was spring. So the weather started to be very better and people seemed happy and relaxed. And we were told to go and speak to some guys in the area. Very calmly, we’re sitting in sofas, they were offering tea.