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We’d used it for everything and for some reason it never ran out of lighter fluid. It’s just like this idea, you put your hopes into one object to make it feel safe. I think about it a lot afterwards that he didn’t have it with him. Maybe if I just gave him the lucky lighter, everything would have turned out okay? I don’t know. That day, I was in Reyhanli, which is the border town, and I would have seen them in about :. So I checked in and I told Jim, I’m like, “Hey, you know I’m here so text me when you get in.” You know, : rolls by and I started to worry. :, : rolls around and I’m like, “Something is really wrong.” So I called Mustafa, and the first thing he said to me was “Nicole, I’m so sorry. Um, I didn’t… I couldn’t do anything,” I was like, “What are you talking about, what happened?” He was like, “You know, we were coming. We were in the taxi, we were coming to Turkey “to meet you and this van with these four guys with guns, “they stopped us on the road and they told us “to get out and they were pointing their guns at us and screaming “and the gunman made Mustafa tie up their hands “and they put John and Jim into the back of their van.” So I hung up and I just started crying. I was like, um… I didn’t know if I was gonna see Jim again and that was the first thought that came to my head. It was like almost surreal… Just, this is a bad dream. It’s not… It’s not really happening, you know, it’s not happening. This can’t be, you know, this can’t happen again… We can’t do this again. Yeah, it was… You know, and I dove in just like before. I felt like, okay, it’s going to be to days of hell and then we’ll have him back. In a matter of a week, you could tell it was very different. A lot of misinformation as opposed to last time in Libya, after a week went by, we knew where he was, who to deal with, so we just concentrated on routes to get to one person. Here was a mystery right out of a crime show or something, right? Where you’re trying to piece together bits of information. For the next three weeks,