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You know, we found this house. It was so cheap, my dad couldn’t turn it down. Three weeks later, Mom and Olivia were dead. Dad was locked up and I I went and lived with Aunt Nor. Hey, hey. Don’t. After I talked to my dad, you know, I thought it was bullshit, too. I mean, he’s crazy, right? But then I did research of my own. Here, here, check this out. Look at this. What do you see? An old picture of this house. No. Cle Elum. Washington. . An old man murdered his whole family and then hung himself from the second floor. Holly Springs, North Carolina. . An old woman used to rent out rooms. Then she poisoned everyone at dinner with bleach. With bleach! It’s this house, you guys. I know it. I mean It’s a coin hey, hey. It’s a coincidence, Maddy. People use the same architectural plans all the time. After the murders, they just vanished. Houses don’t just vanish, Maddy. Goddamn it. Hey. Just listen to the voicemail my dad left me. Hey, baby girl, I I just wanna tell you about that day and I’ve never told you and I don’t think there’s much time now.