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So I had to make do with what I had. Are you going Ron or Reg? Score? Mmm hmm. Reginald. He’ll never go down in front of the missus. You had everything, mate. You had it all. You are game I didn’t have you, right. game Unbelievable. Reggie. It’s all right, honestly. I’ve got this. It’s fine. Yeah, actually, he’s got this. Thank you very much. He’s a big boy. We’re talking about earning a living. Y’know? We’re talking about being gangsters, right, which is what we are. So you can just off game Go on. Don’t. Y’know, one of these days, Ron Kray, your miserable life will swallow you whole. Yeah, well you should know all about it, actually, y’know, because I have heard all the stories. They’re not good game Your mum did palm us off with the damaged goods, didn’t she? And you’re very, very damaged, aren’t you? Alright, just get in the car. Don’t you ever speak to Frances like that again. That’s right, Frances. Blood is thicker than water, y’know? And I’ve been with Reggie since the womb. Ron, shut up. I want you to apologize to Frances right now. Right game right. All right, Frances. I’m sorry, alright? Yes. I’m truly very sorry. The club is very, very empty. A bit like you, really. There is all in it, apart my brother’s cock. You, alright, are a ing disgrace, mate. You hit me. Yeah. No game No game No game No, Ron. ::: –> ::: No game no. Now you’ve done it, you ing cunt. ing cunt. For ‘s sake. Not the bottle. Not the bottle, you game No! Not the balls. ing cunt! Wanker! Sweetheart, please leave. ing game ing cunt! *yells in pain* ::: –> ::, Give me that. Never mess with a man’s jewels, mate. Now, what are you doing? No, Ron. No, no. No, no. That is a bottle, Ron. That bottle game I’m gonna split ’em up. Just a minute, you ing sit down, you shit. They’re family. Save it. Get out of the ing way. Put it down. It’s gone too far. Now, I told you. Now, c’mon, that’s enough. No. ::: –> ::, No. Enough, Reg, mate. You just don’t understand. Fuh game . You don’t understand me. Well, that’s probably because I don’t want to ing