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It’s clear you’re not a show girl! Madame’s a humorist? No monsieur, acrobatic dancer. Anyone Games know her address? Yes, monsieur. Where does she live? , rue Ordener. Not true! , av. Des Champs-Élysées. That’s not true. She lives in Arcueil. Hôtel des Games Hôtel des Pavilions Games But-.. we don’t know the street. Ah, yes! The proof is that she was always worried, always worried. Always worried about making her train- Yes! Oh, this is getting complicated! What is it? Come in. Is this person’s address known? Yes, I’ll show it to you. , x , Place du Trocadéro. Ah! That’s what I said, huh!? , place du Trocadéro? Say, are you around with us? Monsieur Inspector! Why? Tell me Games I think we must send people to these addresses. This is becoming international. What are all those people doing? Must be because of the fire. Maybe they’re volunteer firemen. I’ll go collect your salary. The cashier doesn’t know you! Then, I’ll see what’s going on. No entry, monsieur. Two seconds, I’m a fireman-. What do you want? I’m on business- You’re working here? Sort Of! Monsieur, you can’t pass. Two words to the watchman! Monsieur Boudin, tell these policemen I’m going home, I’m sick. I’ll hold myself at their disposition in my apartment. I never had anything to do with the crime police nor with drugs! This is a scandal! Concierge! We’re looking for Divine. What? Tell me, is it true they’re searching everyone? Yes, everyone. Thanks! You recognize her? Yes, it’s her. You’ll pick her up? Let’s see. Madame Games ? Eh! Sorry, monsieur! We’re going back to the farm. Nothing to do. They won’t help us with the publicity. This idiot prefers the chicks of the night to the eggs of the day! Did you remember the scooter for the kids? Yes, but I was also thinking, you know, about the wool for your sweater. Yes! Great! We’ll get grandma to knit it. You’ve been very nice. You got me out of trouble with your story of the cooter, and all that Games But tomorrow Games I must go account for myself with the police. I’ll go with you. But first we’ll go to the city hall.