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[SIGHS] Just never imagin the wor d to be this big. Ah. Chicago is just one of major cities that us to exist on this continent a one. Beyond that is oceans and more and than you can imagine. It’s a ike this now? Yeah. A except for Providence. Which is why what we’re doing here is so important, Tris. He o. You must be the director. Oh, p ease, ca me David. It is a p easure to fina y meet you. You must have so many questions. [CHUCK ING] I’m a bit overwhe med. I’m sti processing it a. Oh, Tris, I know you. I watch you being born. I saw the ove that your mother and father had for you. I watch a itt e gir have a happy chi dhood and grow into a courageous young woman capab e of making choices. Daunt ess. Defying Jeanine. Saving Chicago. To your peop e, you are Divergent. To the Counci , you are a freak. To me, you are a mirac e. [CHUCK ES SOFT Y] David, are you aware of what’s happening in Chicago right now? Of course. Yes. [CHUCK ES] The peop e at Erudite rea y made a mess of things, but I don’t want you to worry about that. Restoring order in Chicago is as important to me as it is to you. It’s the on y way to save the Damaged. What is the Damaged? The genetic a terations had disastrous consequences. Too brave, and you’re crue. Too peacefu , and you’re passive. Too smart, and you ose compassion. ike your brother. Ca eb’s Damaged? Yes. For near y years, the greatest scientific minds have iv here to test a theory. If we cou d rescue genetica y damag peop e from the toxic environment in the Fringe and put them in a safe p ace, ike Chicago, then perhaps, over time, man’s genetic materia wou d hea itse f, return to its origina form. And I’m one of those peop e. You are the on y one. [STAMMERING] That doesn’t make any sense. I mean, uh, Four is Divergent. There’s ots of Divergents. Not Divergent, Tris. Pure. You are genetica y Pure. The rest are sti Damaged. Four? Damaged. Not as much as Ca eb, but Damaged. If we can understand what made you, maybe we can use that know edge to he p the Damaged. But what does this have to do with Chicago?