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funded space shuttle. It’s not to get. Thought so. Well, hold tight back there. Take-off is in seconds. Once you’re on the rock you may have difficulty with radio transmission. Well, that’s why we’ve got this satellite beacon, to amplify our signal. Better stay tight. You ready? You know I’m ready. You were born ready. Jesus! Whoo… oooo. They serve refreshments on this flight? Shut up. We made it. Not yet. Still a way to go. How’s the ride? Okay, that can’t be good. What the hell… What the hell is that? Talk to me. Our planned course is incorrect. We’re on collision course with the asteroid. What? That doesn’t make sense. Based on its speed, we knew how much to compensate for that travel time for it to be much easier. It seems to be slowing down. What? If we check the distance from earth we’re faster than that instead we’re slowing down. Well, that can’t be good. To say the least. Oh no, everyone back in your seats. Why? We’re going in too fast. This is going to be rough. Hang on! Fire the front boosters. Oh, my God! Come on! Crap yourself? Get real. Wow, what is this, Gonzo rock? Watch ***. Now you all have your coordinates. Locate your targets and mark them with a tracking rod. Got it, sir! Clayton, you make your way cutting and drilling. Cabrera and Southard, you hustle back to the ship and prep the explosives. Stick together. Fitzpatrick and Sanchez, you’ll prep the shuttle for take-off. Read you, Captain. The clock is ticking! Squad move out! Sir, sir. Okay! Let’s go. Don’t look at me. She’s your tourist. I’ll start here. One asteroid root canal coming up now. That’s odd. What is it? I’m drilling, but I’m only feet in. Just having a hard time getting any deeper. That’s not deep enough. Keep at it. Yes, sir. Come on, get more locations marked. It’s got a chamber. What? There, you see that? A cave. If there are passages, then maybe there’s a cavern that leads to this asteroid’s epicenter. We could plant the charges there, and then we won’t have to dig in order to completely destroy this thing. Squad, we’re going to scout a nearby cave as a potential detonation point.