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Gamesespecially with our budget cuts.Game Donor? Oh, no, no, no, no. I just, um Game How much money would it cost to get the mobile unit back in operation? GamesLet’s see. , would cover the costs for the rest of the year Game Game Gamesif you reapplied for state-matchin’ funds right away.Game ,? Oh, Lord! I can’t Game I can’t afford ,. GamesWell, darlin’, if you figure out how to raise the money, you let us know.Game GamesWe’d need it no later than two months from tomorrow.Game GamesCall me if you have any questions.Game GamesBye-bye.Game Bye. GamesPasses it quickly over to the right.Game GamesDribbling up to the side corner.Game No, no. No, no! Ah. Mmm. GamesBeautiful pass!Game Hmm. Yes! Go. No, no! Oh, come on. GamesThe free throw line. The first one was good.Game Laurence? Go, go, go, go, go! No. no! Oh! Where are your old Burning Bush High School yearbooks? They’re in the hall closet, I think. Why? Just curious. Ah Game Go on! Yeah! Oh, I love this team. Tess. I stumbled across Laurence’s old yearbook, and I saw that you were on the basketball team in . That’s when God was still a boy. I played some in high school. We didn’t make state like y’all, but I made first team all-district. Did ya? Mm-hmm. You must still really love basketball. You haven’t missed a game all year. Mm-mmm. You can’t keep me away from a Lady Armadillos game. Well, next time I see you sittin’ by your lonesome, I’m gonna make you come sit by me. Well, that’d be sweet. I try to get my roommate to come, but she’s not into basketball. I cannot believe I have not met her yet. Jewel, right? Yeah. She’s not here much. She works over in Jewett. We’re just Game roommates. You know, two single gals sharing expenses until we meet the right man. How long y’all been roommates now? Well, years. Whoa. That’s a lot of shared expenses. There’s nothing weird about that. Of course not. Oh, Ginger, you are the least weird person I know. Yee-haw! Howdy, folks! Come on down! Hi there! Ginger Peabody.