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I really liked that. Yeah. And there’s game Yeah, it’s just a nice game This is Justice’s calling card for being an action hero. The truth is game This is his Michael Bay shot. Justice would be a great action hero. I think he will be, yeah. There’s not much that Justice can’t do. Nope. Do not bet against Justice Smith. No. If there was a way to buy stock in a kid’s future game Yeah. I would buy stock in all of them. I’d be all in on Justice. Yeah, all of them. There’s nobody I wouldn’t buy stock in. They’re just amazing, amazing actors. All of them. And this is a nice moment, great shot. Poor Nat. I mean, this was actually his first day of filming on the film and it’s like because of time considerations and when we could get the location, it was like, “All right, how about for your first day “we get to the moment where you’ve all been together all your lives “and on a long road trip in most of the movie, “and then all your relationships fray “and break apart and you all yell at each other.” And he was like, “Do I really have to do that on the second day?” But they all brought it. And a lot of it was about how much time they’d spent with each other in rehearsal and in prep, that they had already created these relationships enough that we could leap into shooting something like this so early on and still get all of this emotion out of it. Yeah, I showed up on set about two days before the shoot started, and they were already Q and Margo and Lacey and Ben and Radar and Angela, they already were there. So that’s why it worked, I think. Because it was a big ask to do this on the second day. Yeah, I apologized to Nat profusely. But they really did get it and I game There were a lot of different versions of this scene. In some of them, Natjust started weeping. I really like where we ended up, though. The mix of anger and sadness and just frustration on their parts ofjust what do you think that this has been for? Do you really think that this has been for what Lacey’s about to say? Right. And this completes her arc in that way, and such a beautiful way she delivered this line.