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Too difficult for you, is it? Yes, it is. It breaks my heart to see you this way. No, don’t pity me. I’m not pitying you. Yeah? Then what are you doing here, bringing cheese and wine like we’re old friends going for a picnic? We are not friends, Christine. We were barely lovers. But you just love a sob story, don’t you? Is that what I am to you now? “Poor Stephen Strange, charity case.” “He finally needs me.” Another dreg of humanity for you to work on. Patch him up and send him back into the world, heart’s just humming. You care so much! Don’t you? Goodbye, Stephen. All the way. Here we go. Let’s go! All day! All day! Yeah! All day. Come on, man. Where’s the competition? Talk a lot. Jonathan Pangborn, C-C spinal cord injury, complete. Who are you? Paralyzed from the mid-chest down. Partial paralysis in both hands. I don’t know you. I’m Stephen Strange. I’m a neurosurgeon. Was a neurosurgeon. Actually, man, I do know you. I came to your office once. You refused to see me. I never got past your assistant.