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Sweet Big Bear What? We’re in your house. What are you insinuating? We know we’re not welcome. I’m not insinuating, I’m saying! Nobody asked me, certainly not your mother. She didn’t ask us either! Cut that out! You think we asked to come here, into the wild? Your mother calls it that? Paul! What did she say about me? You must’ve heard some real tripe. You want the truth? Do you? She said nothing. We never talk about you. Never! Adrien, stop it! hours and you show me no respect. Respect is earned. Enough talk. Iréne, they’re going home. For once, we agree. It’s pointless. We’ll never get along. Great! Let’s get outta here! Adrien Game Léa Game Paul! hours, and it’s fullon hysteria! Chill out. I can’t chill out! My life’s crumbling around me! You’re all staying and you’ll apologize, got it? Over my dead body! You’ll apologize, I said! To Granny. It’s not her fault. How can we stick it out? He never wanted us Game It wasn’t him. I broke off contact. Not him Look! You like it? For you. Me? It’s not my style. It’s beautiful. Léa, I look like a street light. No, you don’t. It looks classy. Trust me. I’d pitch my tent there. Pitch your what? Peaches! I’m not your fridge! Put it back or pay for it. You moron! Thanks. Watch those puppies float. Float? No, he means “throat”. I love Sweden. Wait for me at the café, in the shade. I’ll get a cap for Théo. Slurping on it, you bad girl! Those girls, I got their numbers. Casanova, be gone! I said I was a model in Paris. They bought it? Inbred provincials, shit, they’re loud! But not mean. The chips are on the house. Good of you. You’re from up north? No. Paris. For us, Paris is up north. It’s in the Arctic Circle! Iréne? So these three are Game Emilie’s kids? That’s right! Paul! Why didn’t you say? You’ve made up with Emilie? That’s good to hear. What are their names? That’s Léa. He’s my little Théo. I’m Adrien. Paris accent so sharp, it poked my eye out! The Vikings are back. And happy, too! Just imagine, Gothenburg in November Game Reykjavik in January Game Some people are cursed.