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Sweet Dora’s Bike Yeah! Shekhar, what are you doing? Oh my, God! Your leg game Why didn’t you tell me? I was waiting for the right time. Shekhar game I want to tell you something else. I saw Divya run away game game but I didn’t tell anyone. How could you? I thought Diyva is our daughter. She will handle it. And I was right. How could you game It’s been years since the accident, Nirmala. For years I stayed glued to this chair game game and time left me behind. Everyone stopped laughing in this house. How could we laugh? You were stuck in this chair game game me with my responsibilities, and our kids game game matured before their age. Exactly, our kids have grown up. You raised them alone. And expanded this business game game and kept the honor of this palace intact. You did all this. Now Vikram will handle it. Himself and this business. Let it go. Let it go, Nirmala. It’s so easy to say, Shekhar. Let it go. Nirmala, this family has lost one son. That void can never be filled game game but we have two more kids. Why are we distancing ourselves from them? That’s exactly what Mili was trying to explain us. How long will it take us to understand such a small thing? Oh my, God! I want my life back. I want my Nirmala back. My, God. Shekhar. Careful. Careful. Mili. You turned out to be better than master game game in ‘sticking your Leg’. More tea? Did you have tea? Yes! It seems he didn’t sleep all night. Vikram, where did you go without informing us? Dad, mom, I have to game Tell you something. These days everyone’s talking in a dramatic way in our house. But it’s good. I am not complaining. Go ahead. Yesterday game I game I game went to see Kiara at her house, and game So Vikram Singh Rathore game game you’re here to break off our engagement? I am sorry. Kiara, I feel guilty for putting you in this situation. But I feel if I don’t do it now game game I’ll only be hurting everyone later. And everything else doesn’t matter as much as game Vikram, it’s okay. But game this girl and you game I can’t understand. I can’t understand either.