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Sweet Manga 4 they’re running scared she shut her eyes and imagined the desert no cars, no mobiles, just sun and bread what would she look like standing by the well? More like a woman and less like a girl oh if I could make sense of it all I wished that I could sing I’d stay in a melody I would float along in my everlasting song what would I do to believe? later on she plays morning has broken she knows she’s bad she is slowing everybody down the choirmaster, usually a bastarDo what? I stopped the bus, didn’t I? I thought you were right behind me. You saw that I wasn’t there. No, yes game I didn’t pay attention. So pay attention in the future. I’m scared now! Stop that. What have we become? Your parents. Come on game Your scar was showing. IF YOU DON’T, I WILL Sugar? Yes. For a change. Did you sleep in the office? No. In our bed. You didn’t feel it? No. No, I didn’t feel anything. Mom? I bought some grocery for you. Do you keep plastic bags? What for? Small trash bags for example. So you throw them away easily. You don’t have to do that. Did you remember to get quinoa? And kamut as well. What? Kamut: spelt, durum and quinoa mixed together. Congratulations. It’s all clean here. That’s Dalia. Who’s Dalia? That’s the maid. She’s Bulgarian. Thanks for the wine. You have a maid? I teach her French in exchange. It’s easy: she speaks well already. Want some? It’s not even PM, Ro. Have a drink. You bought wine. I thought it’s Saturday and You might have friends over. I prefer you don’t drink bad stuff. Wouldn’t you prefer that I don’t drink at all? Yes. But you bring me wine. Stop. You sound like Pierre. To Simone. Today it’s her birthday. Thanks for the bottles. Perfect timing. So her name is Simone. You can come for lunch tomorrow. I’ll cook lamb shoulder. We’ll go visit her parents already. They come first. No, we’ve been there several Sundays. Take care, Mom. Take care, honey. You already? I’m advanced. That no bother you? That no bother me, no. Come in. You game You eat carbohydrates. Yeah, well game Gratin dauphinois. Last night. After PM? Well yes, after PM. It wasn’t a snack. Don’t joke. You’re crying? What’s wrong? Oh I’m sorry! John is here. Are you coming? I juiced my hand earlier. There was no orange and I just kept on juicing. I juiced my hand.