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how we pay off policemen every ing final Thursday of the month. Do you know that? Course I do. ing surprise, that. So why don’t we kill Jack, now? Or we do Albie as well? We’ll do the ing lot. Or you can do me and I’ll do you, then we’re both ing dead. That’s a genius idea. Listen to yourself, Ron. You’re ing nuts. *growls* People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Did you know I never drank gin until I came here? Oh, well next you’ll be singing God Save the Queen, won’t ya? What did you want to have a word with me about, Mr. Bruno? Well things are going well, we’re very happy on my side of the pond. Well that’s good. Y’know, we’re very, very happy also. OK. Cheers. Cheers. Do you realize that I asked to speak to you alone? You see, in our line of work game it is not good to be famous. Anonymous is the goal. It’s Mr. Lansky, Reg. He sees a lot of potential in you. But he sees limitations in your brother Ron. Well, yeah. Maybe game maybe game they could just sit down and meet each other. Couldn’t they? I mean, he could come across for a chat. A chat? You guys crack me up, really. You ever hear of the Gallo brothers? From Brooklyn? No. Similar loose cannon situation. You see, Ron is your Joey. And it’s not going to end well in either case. What exactly are you asking me to do, Mr. Bruno? I’m asking you to do something about Ron. I can’t do that. He’s my brother. OK. There’s nothing I can do. I ain’t finished with you, yet. Mr. Kray takes care of this warehouse. Now you say Kray one more time game and I’m gonna hurt you, you understand? I have an arrangement with Mr. Kray. I didn’t ask you whether you had an arrangement. I asked if you understood me. The Richardson gang were away. But George Cornell had crossed the river to work the protection racket on their behalf. I ing warned you. Ron’s response would secure his place in gangster legend. What is that? Is that English breakfast tea? You can tell by your face, Ted, what you think of it. Lovely box, innit. It is not an English breakfast, that’s not, no.