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Sweet Ninja Dog Just how did you do that? I took out a second mortgage. You didn’t. Would you rather go bankrupt? What did Rikke have to say? I thought you had work to do. I’ll be at the site. Give me all your fives. Go fish. Give me all your sevens. Go fish. Give me all your kings. You just asked for those. Aren’t you going to get that? You’ve reached Rikke. Leave a message, and TH get back to you. Hi, honey, it’s me. I just wanted to know how you guys are doing and to let you know that things are looking up back home. Unfortunately Game I’m really sorry, but I won’t be making it up there. Please give me a call when you get this. Lots of hugs and kisses for the kids. Bye bye. Yup. He what? How bad is it? The th ward? Second floor. How is he? He appears to be stable now. They’ve given him a lot of anticoagulant. The test results won’t be back till this afternoon. How did it happen? Are you really paying day fines? Is the company going to fail? Who told you that? Your father received this. From whom? There’s no sender on it. I’ve just told you how they’re harassing me. Do something. As long as there is no evidence, the police cannot get involved. Apart from the container robbery no crime has been committed. They’re ruining my business and threatening my family. You have to stop them! I’m sorry I can’t help you. Without hard evidence I have nothing to charge them with. Persson gave me this when he came to my office. It’ll be hard to prove that he drew up this offer himself. I’m willing to testify. It’s your word against his. What do you mean? You’ve given me some good info. I’ll look into the possibilities of starting an investigation. How can you just allow this to continue? Unfortunately, these cases are very hard to crack unless we have someone on the inside willing to finger the others. You’ve reached Rikke. Leave a message, and TH get back to you. Hey. How are you? Better. They’re going to perform some balloon thingy on me. I’m really sorry about that letter. Who would write such a thing? Is there something you’re not telling me? No.